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Who are we?

We campaign against tuition fees and for the restoration of student grants. We welcome anyone who agrees with our broad socialist aims, and hope to promote alliances of socialists.

We are involved in campaigns in the student field such as free education and student poverty, as well as on general issues such as racism, sexism, the environment and low pay.

What do we stand for?

We believe that the main political parties in Britain, including “New Labour” have adopted in full the philosophy of “the market”. Tony Blair has continued the Tories’ Thatcherite policies such as privatisation and attacks on education and the welfare state: increasing the gap between rich and poor. We want to help build an alternative to that. We want a society based on the needs of people, not the needs of multinational companies. For need not greed.


Latest News

For free education, against privatisation and cuts.

On Friday March 15, 2001, co-ordinated protest action took place around the world. In Leicester we had our own little event at the same time, reported on below. The event was organised by International Socialist Resistance(ISR), set up internationally at the end of last year. ISR has a branch in Leicester. email leicesterisr@yahoo.co.uk for more info or the national website: www.anticapitalism.org.uk

The gates were locked at Gateway College, Leicester, on Friday March 15th. It was an attempt by the college management to prevent students walking out to support the ISR day of action. An "exclusion zone" with police style incident tape and three security guards was even set up by the front entrance to prevent students from getting too close to our rally!

About 50 students braved the pouring rain to protest for free education and against cuts around De Montford University. 25 of them came on strike from QE College and marched about a mile to join the rally. Considering the weather this was a success, particularly as there was an upbeat and combative mood.

After the rally outside Gateway College, we marched around the campus to the De Montfort Student Union, and then to the Vice Chancellor's office with the aim of showing him exactly how we felt. He was not in, however we sent a delegation to talk to his next in command. He had earlier sent an email out to lecturers warning them about International Socialist Resistance and the strike. We obviously made the authorities very nervous.

People felt it was a good day, and the ISR has gained much out of it. We have people keen on building the ISR and organising further action in QE and Gateway Colleges, and in Leicester and De Montfort Universities.

Dave Score

One student at DMU said:

"Its not just the government Tuition Fees we have to pay. Arts and design faculties are charging students extra money on top of their fees for materials and refusing to teach or not giving exam results if they are not paid within the semester."

Martin Balbier, a sixth former at QE College, said:

"I'm here for free education. We should have grants not fees. Lots of students leave college because they cannot afford to. In the future students like myself may not be able to go at all because of lack of grants and the fees. We shouldn't have privatised education, governments should be supporting education not shunning it"



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Save Free Education

15 millions is still outstanding in tuition fees from last year, thats 10 percent of the total that should have been collected! If more students refused to pay this year, we could make then unworkable!

FHave you had a threatening letter from the University because you are behind on your fees instalments?

FAre you unable to pay your fees?

FAre you sinking deeper in debt?

FCould you be one of the 1 in 5 students who drop out of university because they cannot afford it?

FAre you prepared to take part in or support a mass campaign of non payment of Tuition Fees?


The abolition of free education by the New Labour Government can be beaten. The Poll Tax was finally defeated after it had been in for 3 years after a mass non payment campaign. This was despite a complete lack of support from "official" organisations such as the Labour Party leaders and Trades Union leaders. Although there are differences with the Poll Tax, a mass non-payment campaign could defeat the Tuition Fees. Even students at Oxford University are organising a non payment campaign!

If you dont have to pay fees yourself....

You may still be suffering from the abolition of student grants. Hopefully you are still opposed to the abolition of free education. It will also affect your friends and relatives either now or in the future. You can support the protests which are continuing to be organised. You can provide back up to those students who are refusing to pay.

For more info get in touch...

Help build the Save Free Education campaign: CONTACT US at stephen.score@ntlworld.com... for leafleting/ petitioning/ megaphoning etc. It doesn't matter if you haven't done it before, just come along!

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If you want to join socialist students, or make any comments about this website:

Tel:Steve on Leic 223 0534 or email julianwilson@hotmail.com


Try out these sites:

Socialist students National site

Save Free Education Which has campaigned to scrap the fees and against the abolition of grants.

Socialist Party - Leicester Branch which has been involved in setting up Socialist Students, Student Action against the fees and has campaigned in the local community for socialist ideas.

Leicester Radical Alliance
We are involved an alliance with other socialist and radical groups and individuals in Leicester which helps to co-ordinate campaigning and discussion. It is affiliated to the Socialist Alliance nationally and produces a local monthly newsletter called Grassroots. to contact them email Leicester Radical Alliance